Paulina Kostrzewa


My name is Paula I’m 17 year old. I ‘ve just moved to the house near Wrocław. I live with my parents, sister (9 years old) and brother (1,5 years old).
It’s really hard to describe my character. I’m lazy and hard-working at the same time. I’m calm and energetic. I’m open to meeting new people, but sometimes I like to be just by myself. I’ve trained basketball for over 8 years, but I don’t really like sports. I like spending time with my friends, but I’m not really into hard parties. What can I say… typical woman … can’t be described…

Now comes the easy part… I can tell you something about my hobbies. I have quite romantic soul. I like reading books, watching romantic movies and taking long walks. I love animals and kids…I know it’s not a typical combination, that’s why I still can’t decide whether I want to become a pediatrician or a vet. I also like travelling. My biggest dream is to visit Scandinavian countries and New Zeland. Maybe one of them will come true soon…

This paragraph should be about something very special and unique… First of all I love doing hairstyles and DIY things. Moreover I enjoy watching youtube videos. My favourite youtuber is Ingrid Nilsen. My favourite school subject (if something like that even exists) is biology and chemistry.

Ohhh God it was so hard to describe myself and I still think that I haven’t written enough. But maybe that’s the point and you’ll have an opportunity to know me better. What else can I say? I just can’t wait to meet you!!!