Polish participants

Ada GodziszHi! I’m Ada and I’m 17 years old. I live in Lutynia. It’s a small village near Wrocław. I have a younger sister, her name is Agata. I also have a dog- Minos, it is German Shepherd.

I like sports, especially volleyball, horse riding and water sports. I often play volleyball, unfortunately I’m not good in it. I love horse riding, I’m training for 2 years in small horse-breeding farm in Gałów (second small willage near Lutynia). The most exciting is riding on fields and forests. What about water sports? I’m keen on swimming. Sailing is my second passion. This year I’m going for 10 days cruise on the Mediterranean, I’m so exciting!

I’m listen rock and metal music. My favourite bands is Nightwish, Nirvana, Guns n roses, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Linkin Park (I’m a great fan of Chester Bennington) and a lot of polish bands.

I like fantasy books and films. I read authors as a Chrispopher Paolini and Tolkien. In the nearest future I would read “Game of Thrones”. I also love books written by Agata Chriestie. In school I prefer subject as chemistry, and I hate history.

I think that’s all.

Ania_GrzeszczakI am Ania, a 17-year-old girl from Poland. I was born and live in Wrocław. I go to Biology and Chemistry class in high school. I have an older sister and two half-blood brothers.

As for my personality,  I’m a very communicative, cheerful and helpful person. I am honest and empathetic. I love travelling and getting to know new people and new cultures. My favorite sport is volleyball and I’m crazy about sailing. I’m keen on cycling and I like hanging out with my best friends. I’m really into music, particularly folk and rock. My favorite band is ‘Milky Chance’. In my free time I like to watch documentaries. I really enjoy swimming and playing cards.

In the future I would like to be a psychologist or a dietician. My dream is to visit as many countries as possible, jump with a parachute and see the northern lights.

Aleksandra CygnarowiczMy name is Ola and I am a seventeen year old student of the 2nd class of secondary school No. VII in Wroclaw.  It was always my dream to visit as many parts of the world as possible. As a person full of energy and enthusiasm to explore the whole world, open to new experiences I’m taking de-termined efforts to develop my passions. I take an active part in many projects in order to fulfill my dreams. My determination enabled me to see Corsica, Sardinia and the central part of Italy in 2015. Passion for traveling is closely bound up with the disposition to learn new things. I think that a conversation with the right person can teach me something new and valuable. And that’s exactly why I really like to talk to different people.

My free time I usually spend active my favorite sports are volleyball, swimming and cycling. As far as interests are concerned, it’s hard to describe their multiplicity. Starting with reading books, through listening to music or drawing, ending with science for instance biology and chemistry. Of course I love spending time with my friends, thanks to whom adventures I experience become even more memorable. To sum it up I am a broad-minded person willing to learn some titbits about other cultures.

I decided to seize the opportunity of school exchange not only for self-development and to widen my horizons, but also to have fun. I hope that this adventure will be an amazing experience that will stick in my mind for a lifetime.

Aleksandra SzulcHello!

My name is  and I’m from Poland. I live in small village near Wrocław. I’m 17 this year. I’ve got older brother and sister. I’m very shy person when I meet someone new, but then I’m kind and talk a lot. I love animals! I have a dog, 2 cats and a degu. I’m a vegetarian and I would like to help animals in the future. I like reading books, cycling and travelling. I want to visit as many countries as possible.


My name is Basia and I am a 17 years old student of the 7th High School in Wrocław. Although I attend school in Wrocław I live in Jelenia Góra, which is a kind of a mountain town, 100 km away.

I’m rather easy-going, enthusiastic and outspoken person, but I also usually have my head in the clouds. In the future I want to be a cardio surgeon, that’s why at school I have a billion lessons like biology and chemistry. As far as my hobbies are concerned, I love doing many things such as skiing, swimming, sailing, reading books (especially romantic or criminal ones) watching films (I’m a huge fun of Harry Potter movies and The Lord of the Rings) and listening to music (my favorite bands are Bon Jovi, Guns n Roses and AC/DC).

But those hobbies are rather unremarkable. Something special about me is the fact that I love collecting memories. That’s why I enjoy travelling so much. Every journey means meeting new people, discovering new places and gaining new experiences. Last year (I mean 2015) was very special for me, because two of my biggest dreams became true. First of all, I was on AC/DC concert in Warsaw, which was one of the most unforgettable memories ever. And second of all, I took part in a cruise on a huge sailing ship swimming through Mediterranean Sea. I visited so many places and spent great time with my friends who, by the way, always make my adventures much more memorable. This year won’t be less exciting. One of the reasons is visiting your country. I hope that soon you’ll become a part of my brand new memories.

See you soon, Basia.

Christopher OparskiMy name is Christopher Oparski and I am 17 years old. I’m attending the second class of high school. My hobby is ASG. It is kind of extreme sport that combines the military tactics and survival. My other passion is music, especially rock and grunge. My favourite bands are Foo Fighters and AC/DC. In my free time I practise playing the guitar.

My favourite subject is biology. I think that my greatest dream is to play the bass guitar with some famous musicians.


My name is Diana and I’m 17 years old. Actually I’m from Ukraine, but I’ve lived in Poland for more than 10 years, but it’s not hard to say for me that I’m more Ukrainian.  🙂

I have got a lot of interests and I tried a lot of things in my life such as skating, riding or playing in the theater. I love acting and when I was younger I wanted to become an actress 😉 Now I do not have any extra lessons, because I want to go to the university and become a doctor. I hope one day it’s come true, that’s why I have to study very hard. But it doesn’t mean that I do not have free time 😉 I love spend time with my friends, go to the cinema with them, drink coffee in the cafe or just meet and talk for hours, because I’m really an outgoing person. Also I like reading! I have a lot of books at home, that I want to read, unfortunatly I don’t have as much time to read them all, but I’m trying 🙂

What else? I love traveling, that also why I’m taking part in this project. I have already been to England, France, Italy, German and other countries, but I’ve never been to Iceland and I want to go there 🙂 The best place I’ve ever been was Corsica. I liked it very much! There’s both sea and mountains and those make beautiful views, just amazing. And it’s good place to take incredible photos, what I also like doing when I have time.

I don’t really know what to write more, I just want to meet You and talk in real life, because it’s the best way to get know a new person, so bye and see you soon 🙂

Kamil WalczakHi Everyone!

My name is Kamil Walczak. I’m of course from Poland and live in Wrocław. My hobby is playing guitar, playing basketball and travelling. I play basketball really often. I play in school team. I watch every season of the NBA playoffs. My favorite player is Kyrie Irving. I used to train swimming very early – in primary school but I ended it up after 4 years because of the learning. Maybe that’s why I’m keen on sport. As I said I also love playing guitar but it’s not exactly only guitar. I play drums too. I have in my house 3 guitars and one drum kit.

I also adore travelling. The most amazing places I’ve ever been were Beijing and New York. Picture above the text has been taken in Rome. In the future I want to become a doctor. If I graduate medical university I’ll leave Poland. Who knows, my next house might be Iceland.

Karolina_ WludykaHello,

My name is Karolina. I’m 16 years old and I live in a small village near Wrocław. My house is quite big so it’s not a problem for me to host two people. I haven’t got any brother or sister but I have two dogs. I love taking them for long walks. My mum is an accountant and my dad is a manager.

In my free time I ride a bike, read books and watch films. Especially I like horrors. Relaxation is the thing that I like the most. I’ve also got a band with my best friend and we’re writing our own songs for fun. My favorite sport is football but I don’t play it well. My favorite subjects in school are Math, Physic and Chemistry.

I eat everything except tomatoes which I hate and I rather eat meat than vegetables or fruits. Especially I like Italian food.

What you should know about me is that I’m usually quite shy at first when I meet someone new, but after some time I’m really open and I like to have a lot of fun. I think that I’m quite nice and I can get along with almost everyone. I’m not really a “party kind” and I prefer to be in a small that in a huge group.

I want to take part in exchange because I want to meet new people, improve my  English and have a lot of fun. I expect that I will spend great time with nice people.

Kasia_MarkowiczMy name’s Katarzyna Markowicz, 17 years old. I’m a student in second class of 7th High School in Wroclaw, on biology-chemistry profile to become a doctor in the future.

I live with my parents and younger sister (11 yrs old), little dog and two gerbils in a one-family house in a calm district of Wroclaw.
I couldn’t believe, when I heard about the topic of Erasmus+ project and the place of the exchange.  Since I remember my family has been somehow connected to sport and healthy lifestyle and so am I, as well as an adventure- and travel-lover.

My dad, Grzegorz, is a doctor but also an amateur sportsman. He started his adventure with running couple times a week to prepare for marathon in a distant future. Now he is after one of the hardest sport competitions ever – full Ironman, which is 4km swimming, 180 km cycling and 42 km running.
My mother, Edyta, is a huge fan of healthy kitchen, that’s why I can always count on something nourishing and delicious after coming back home from school. 😉 Different kinds of diets are no longer any mystery for her, she seems to know everything about balanced eating and can easily prepare dishes from different cuisines all over the world as we like to discover and experiment with new things. I adore Italian food most of all 😉

My younger sister, Margharet, is in a sports school, training basketball. She is young, but promising and persistent in her plans of becoming a world-famous NBA player 😉

And here’s me. I tried different sports in my life finally ending up as a lover of simple running. I train 4-5 times a week and not long ago took part in a competition for 10 km (finishing with satisfying result). I had several attempts to (so-called) jogging but finally discovered it as a source of daily endorphins, gorgeous satisfaction and keeping myself fit, in shape and healthy.

I am also a bit of a freak when it comes to healthy eating and I adore cooking on my own, searching for the best recipes and ingredients. But I find it even more important to provide something nourishing also to my soul and mind. My fascination of Asian cultures lead myself into daily yoga practice and meditation, now under the title of mindfulness. I think it is pretty obvious now why I claimed the project is something I am excited about. 😉

I am also interested in photography and travelling, especially to Asia. I have been learning to play piano for 6 years and a bit of guitar on my own. I listen to almost every type of music, don’t have my famous artists. I like Hollywood film productions, “Game of Thrones” and action/thriller books. 😉
I can’t wait to meet new people and discover new places, cultures, interests… I hope it will be a great fun for everyone.

With best wishes

Magda_LeskowHello everyone!

My name is Magda,  I am a 17 year old student of High School number 7 in Wrocław. I live with my parents in Wrocław.

My father is a doctor, orthopaedic surgeon. He is my inspiration to become a doctor in the future. My mother, is a lawyer. Most of my childhood she took care of our house, at was a stay-home mom. Which I really enjoyed. I could rely on her everytime.

I have a 23 year old sister, she moved out after her second year in college, first she spent one year in Budapest, the she settled in Chicago, Ilinois. I miss her a lot.

I find travelling extremely fascinating. When I was a child my parents, took me on many interesting trips mostly around Europe. Before enrolling to high school, I’ve visited my sister in Chicago, it was my first over-the-sea’s flight. My most favourite places I’ve travelled to is Los Angeles, New York and Saint Lucia.

My main hobby is skiing, I learned skiing when I was only 3 years old and loved it immediately. Every year, for 15 years, I’ve been going with my family to the same place, Moena in Italy.

I developed many hobbies, but one of them has a special place in my heart. I started dancing when I was 8 years old. I performed in a group for another 8 years. Unfortunately it overlaped with my school mantle. I had to quit, however whenever the music starts to play I get carried away 😛

I have played piano for 7 years, but I dropped it because I did’t feel I was doing it for myself. What is important is to develop your passions.

When it comes to how i spend my free time… I like to workout. Specificaly I enjoy home – based exercises. Everyone can do it, I encourage you to try. I also enjoy watching beauty, makeup tutorials, and I like to practice them. I think everyone woman feels a boost of confidence while wearing a little bit of mascara on her lashes.

Also, I’m a TV shows maniac, my favourite is Pretty Little Liars. I enjoy watching foreign movies, that is why I look forward to get to know new cultures, meet new people, and see beautiful sceneries.

Mags 

Magda_WiktorowskaMy name is Magda, I’m almost 17 ( I’m in the second class of the high school).  I have got many hobbies. One of theme is sport. I trained judo and now I sail, train windsurfing during summer, do zumba and train belly dance (in Shakira style).

I’m a volunteer too. I started working in the voluntary service when I was 12. I have so many another interests. I love reading books, especially fantasy. Sometimes I like inventing my own stories. When I was younger I liked acting. I loved our drama club in the primary school. Now my drama interest is set in series. I love “Game of Thrones”, “Reign”, “The Borgias” and many other. But I think it is mostly connected with my another passion – history.

I have younger brother. His name is Michał and he’s 14. And I have two cats:  Tekla and Stefania.  I love animals, but I am a bit afraid of dogs.  And I think that it is all about me ;-).

Marta_ NowakMy name is Marta and I am 17-years old girl. I’m peaceful and balanced person, but sometimes crazy.

I live in a block of flats with my parents and dog-she’s very gentle and almost all white. As everyone I have a lot of hobbies, like horse riding. I have been riding since I was kid, working with horses gives me a lot of satisfaction and fun. I like active and healthy life so I go to the gym 3 times a week and I’m trying to eat only healthy food.

My free time I spend mostly with my friends (like I said I’m quite peaceful so I don’t like huge and noisy parties) . In the evening when I have some time for myself I like to watch some good serial – my favourites are: Supernatural, True Detective, Sherlock, Game of thrones and Community.

My other hobby is reading books, specially fantasy and detective novels – I just love the John Flanagan’s, Andrzej Ziemiański’s and Stephen King’s books. I feel very happy and relaxed when I can sit under the tree during a summer and read a book.

I used to dance when I was younger so now I like listening to music wherever I go. (Favourites bands and artists: Hurts, Linkin Park, Lana Del Rey, Lorde but sometimes I like listening to old classic rock ).

I hope that your time in Poland with me will be memorable and great experience 😉

Marta_ StaskiewiczHi, my name is Marta. I was born in 1998, so I am 17 this year. I am from small town near Wrocław, but since last fall, when I have started attending school there, I live on my own, in the city, and only go to my hometown during weekends. I have younger brother, he is 12 years old. Currently, I don’t have any pets, but I am a huge cat lover.

I am high school student, majoring in biology, math and chemistry. Science is a big part of my live, I find it very interesting and I believe my future will be connected to it. My hobby is literature, and music. I love both reading, and writing, and one of my dreams is to take part in process of creating a world famous novel series. I am a fan of music bands like Linkin Park, Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, Scars on Broadway, System of a Down, Hollywood Undead and some Japanese rock bands including One Ok Rock, Spyair and Hello Sleepwalkers.

I am interested in traveling and other cultures, especially when it comes to East Asian countries, mainly South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan. I am currently studying Korean and I hope I will be able to visit there soon.

Despite reading, I like to watch TV shows and Korean Dramas, play xbox games, waste my time on Youtube and Tumblr, swim, cycle and hang out with my friends.

That would be all, when it comes to basic information about me. If you have any questions, I will be happy to answer it.


My name is Michalina Wrońska and this year I’m going to turn 18. I live in Wrocław- one of the biggest city in Poland with my parents, older brother Filip, who is 20 and our labrador dog called Gudzia.

I go to the second class in high school no7, here in Wrocław, and I’m on a biology-chemistry profile. In the future I’m thinking about becoming a dietitian or learn some uncommon languages to be a translator.

I’m really into sports like voleyball or tennis. My family is also very keen on a sporty and healthy lifestyle. My dad plays badminton 5 times a week, my brother is a football player, and my mum is an amateur runner. In the immediate future, she wants to run in half marathone. My biggest passion in live is undeniably dancing. I started when I was 7 years old and since then I can’t think of another single thing that I enjoy more. Unfortunately, this year I had to give up classes because of the school, but I hope to continue them next year. Also I’m an amateur singer but I have never had enough time to think about it more seriously. My latest hobby is makeup.

I think of myself as a very open, friendly and chatty person. I love to experience new cultures and places. That’s why I decided to participate in that exchange. I was excited even more to hear, that we are going to Iceland. The Nordic countries are close to me as my grandad lives in Sweden. I admire all the culture, people and climate there (even though sunny days are very rare). In my opinion, travelling is the best way to get life experience. You can also get to know yourself.

I can’t wait to see you all in Iceland 🙂

Natalia_KiełbikMy name is Natalia Kiełbik and I’m 17. I live in Wrocław all my life and now I’m In High School number 7 in Wrocław.  My passion is ballroom dance. I love it so much. While I’m dancing I feel so confident and free.

I’m crazy about healthy life style. I can spend many hours on gym. During my free time at home I love listening to music especial Polish musicians like Dawid Podsiadło, Brodka and many others. I keen on cooking, baking  and watch interesting films. My favourite films are Pride and Prejudice ,One day  and About Time.

My main hobby is travelling. During summer holidays I always go somewhere with my family. We went to Mexico or Indonesia and many others places in the world. But during the winter holidays I always go skiing to Alps 😀

So I think it’s all about me.


My name is Paula I’m 17 year old. I ‘ve just moved to the house near Wrocław. I live with my parents, sister (9 years old) and brother (1,5 years old).
It’s really hard to describe my character. I’m lazy and hard-working at the same time. I’m calm and energetic. I’m open to meeting new people, but sometimes I like to be just by myself. I’ve trained basketball for over 8 years, but I don’t really like sports. I like spending time with my friends, but I’m not really into hard parties. What can I say… typical woman … can’t be described…

Now comes the easy part… I can tell you something about my hobbies. I have quite romantic soul. I like reading books, watching romantic movies and taking long walks. I love animals and kids…I know it’s not a typical combination, that’s why I still can’t decide whether I want to become a pediatrician or a vet. I also like travelling. My biggest dream is to visit Scandinavian countries and New Zeland. Maybe one of them will come true soon…

This paragraph should be about something very special and unique… First of all I love doing hairstyles and DIY things. Moreover I enjoy watching youtube videos. My favourite youtuber is Ingrid Nilsen. My favourite school subject (if something like that even exists) is biology and chemistry.

Ohhh God it was so hard to describe myself and I still think that I haven’t written enough. But maybe that’s the point and you’ll have an opportunity to know me better. What else can I say? I just can’t wait to meet you!!!

Rafal_ RamutMy name is Rafał Ramut. I am 17 years old. I am a 2nd class student of High School No. 7 in Wrocław. I am interested in long-distance running and I take part in various races. I like running in the mountains, parks and forests. I also attend cross training classes at the gym. My another interest is riding a bicycle. It is my favourite mean of transport. I use it all year, even when it rains.

I have a brother and a sister. My brother Jonasz lives in Germany in Munich and sister Dominika lives in Poland in Opole. They do not live with me and our parents any longer, but they already have their own families.