Evaluation of the project

According to the application form it was important to evaluate the program regularly. After each visit the students evaluated many factors like e.g: the program, the group relationship, the travel arrangement, accommodation and the students were also asked to mention both the strong and week points of the visit. It is very important to know the student’s opinion and try to do better during the next visit.

After the second visit, each school year it was assumed on behalf of the program the students would evaluate the program in whole. They worked in mixed groups and got the question: “What have we achieved in the project” and were asked to connect their answers to; culture, geography, communication, language skills, the topic of the project and if they would have something else in mind.  The results were in many ways similar both years and some of the answers can be seen on the web page.

The last days of each semester the participants had an individual conversation with the teacher where the participation in whole was evaluated. The outcome of the conversation gave the teacher similar result as in the common work after the second visit. With a very few exceptions all the participants were very satisfied with the project in whole and wouldn’t have missed this experience. Many of them mentioned they have improved their language skills and learned a lot about foreign culture and how to deal with to move into “a new” family and be a part of it for a few days. Many also told they have learned a lot about mindfulness and they use it e.g. when they are preparing for an exam or taking part in a stressful task.

It is possible to see a few example of the students evalutaion here below:

Example 1

Example 2

Example 3

Example 4