There were a few main categories in the project, which were similar both school year. Those categories were according to the application:

  • A workshop in mindfulness during the first semester with some following-up through the school year.
  • Lessons to prepare the visits.
  • A short workshop about voluntary work and after the workshop students did some voluntary work for the community.
  • During the visits, there were a few short workshops regarding healthy lifestyle (nutrition, physical activities, taking care of body and mind) – After the workshops the participants should practice on their own.
  • During the visits, there were massive group work connected to the topic (video clips, booklet, evaluation)

Here below are the programmes for the visits and also an example of a participant’s certification:

Visit to Poland – November 2015

Visit to Iceland – March/April 2016

Visit to Poland – October 2016

Visit to Iceland – March 2017

Exampel of certifiation