Óttar Már Einarsson


My name is Óttar Már Einarsson and I’ll be 18 in December.  I was born in Reykjavík the capital of Iceland. My town is in the southeast-cost of Iceland and is called Höfn. I live with my parents, my father’s name is Einar Stefán Aðalbjörnsson and my mom’s name is Signý Ingvadóttir. My dad is a fisherman and my mom is working at the post office.

I have two siblings, one brother he is 21 years old and his  name is Alexander Alvin Einarsson and one sister. She is 10 years old and her name is Nína Ingibjörg Einarsdóttir.

I’m in a school called FAS (Framhaldskólinn í Austur-Skaftafellssýslu ) which is located in Höfn. I’m starting my third year in this school.

In my free time I like to go to the gym and play FIFA and GTA, and also I like to spent some time with my friends.
My favourite TV shows are Friends and Breaking bed. My favourite football team is Manchester United and they play in the English premier league.

During last summer I worked cutting the grass in my town. I also went to Spain this summer for two weeks. We went to an island called Tenerife.

I have never been to Poland but I’m very much looking forward to it and I’m also looking forward to meeting a lot of new people.