Lea Sól Lovísudóttir


My name is Lea Sól, I’m 16 years old and on my 17th year. I’m in my second year of a upper secondary school.  My “lines” include chemistry, biology and math which means I am specializing in these subjects. I wish to become a scientist in the future, what kind of scientist I do not know yet.

I am in a family of four, my mom, stepfather, an older sister (19 years old), and me. My mother’s name is Lovísa, my stepfathers name is Halldór and my sisters name is Saga Lind. We have a cat named Zorro, he’s a Maine Coon, they are the biggest species of housecats in the world, he has been a part of our family since I was little, and I don’t ever remember him not being around.

My hobbies would include some computer games, reading, listening to music, hanging with my friends and of course sleeping… I also have interest in anime and manga and often watch anime to kill time. I am really interested in different kinds of cultures that’s why I thought this project would be a great experience for me.