Kamil Walczak

Kamil WalczakHi Everyone!

My name is Kamil Walczak. I’m of course from Poland and live in Wrocław. My hobby is playing guitar, playing basketball and travelling. I play basketball really often. I play in school team. I watch every season of the NBA playoffs. My favorite player is Kyrie Irving. I used to train swimming very early – in primary school but I ended it up after 4 years because of the learning. Maybe that’s why I’m keen on sport. As I said I also love playing guitar but it’s not exactly only guitar. I play drums too. I have in my house 3 guitars and one drum kit.

I also adore travelling. The most amazing places I’ve ever been were Beijing and New York. Picture above the text has been taken in Rome. In the future I want to become a doctor. If I graduate medical university I’ll leave Poland. Who knows, my next house might be Iceland.