Ada Świątko

My name is Ada. I live in Wrocław with my parents, brother and dog (I love all animals). I`m vegetarian for 14 years-  in my opinion a vegetarian diet is colorful and creative.

I love travelling, for me exploring new places is really exiting, my favorite place where I had  opportunity to be is Acapulco and Mallorca. I`m sporty person too, I like playing basketball and handball, riding a horse,  running, dancing, sailing – that wind when you swimming by the lake and your hair is dispelled but my favorite is paintball – extreme things are my favorite. Unfortunately, I had a long break from sport because I had problem with my legs but now I go to the gym with my friends and I really like it.

I`m a chef and confectioner at my home, I love cooking and baking (and apparently this is good) and of course eating too. I really like meeting new people and having fun, especially concerts, I love them! I listen to all type of music and I like discovering new songs.  I think I am curious and open for getting to know new people.