2nd of April

We started our day with breakfast at our houses. Next we headed for the school to meet with everybody. Íris and Petra divided everyone into 5 groups and we had an orientation game around the town. There were many tasks to do and the person with the most points won. The results will be announced on Monday evening during the traditional food festival. We had one hour to complete the list with activities to do and we took many photos which we placed on Instagram and can be seen on our page.

After lunch we visited the black beach in Stokksnes and walked along the shoreline. We were lucky because thanks to the wind the waves were spectacular and we were able to take beautiful pictures there. After that we went to the “Viking Village”, where a famous Icelandic director built a film set for his upcoming project which has never been finished.  They hope to continue  their work in 2017. The views and the village took our breaths away.

Around 17 we came home and stayed with our partners.

Written by Michalina Wronska and Magdalena Leskow