4th of November

At the beginning at the day we needed to be in the school 07:15. We went to the class room were we hold the power point presentation on Monday, the first day in Wroclaw. Our first class did we six different project or training. They were about how we should help people if they got hurt or had accident. After the first class we had a free time for about 40 minutes. The next class were only for girls from Iceland in some kind of breast examination. We talked about breast cancer and we should always check our breast if we see any differences, and after that class we got for a lunch.

When it was time to eat lunch, we just went downstairs and had lunch in the school cafeteria. We got served some sour pickle soup and chicken. I was not found of the pickle soup, but the chicken was good.

After lunch we needed to make posters, reflecting our project, mindfulness and also the cooperation between Iceland and Poland.

At 14:00 it was time for basketball. We got split into three teams and we played against the kids from the school that were at gym class. Needless to say, the Icelandic/Polish team won all three games (well we had Stjáni in our team so it was never a fair game).

After that the schedule for that day was finished, but almost all of us went bowling afterwards, which was very fun. After that we had some Pizza and most of us went home around 18:00.

Written by Anna Birna and Íris Björk