1st of November

We started out trip at 11 A.M. Sunday the first of November. We took a bus that drove us to the airport in Keflavik, our flight was at 3 P.M. and had to wait for our flight for three hours, but the flight was great. When we landed in Berlin and we were getting our luggage we found out that Lilja Karen had lost her bag or somebody took it by accident, so Hjördis and Lilja had to go and look for it. Unfortunately they did not find it, but the people in the airport where going to locate it and send it to Wroclaw.

We had to wait at the airport for five hours for the bus that would take us to Wroclaw, while we waited we played some board games and bought ice cream and some souvenirs. After we had been waiting for four and a half hour we went outside to wait for the bus and played some fun games like “chickens are you ready”.

Finally the bus arrived after all the waiting or around 12:50 A.M. but we still had to take the bus from Berlin to Wroclaw and that took about 4 hours, and in the bus we all tried to get some sleep. We finally arrived in Wroclaw at 4:50 where the polish partners picked everybody up but by then time we had been traveling for 17 hours and everybody was really tired and fell asleep as soon as we arrived at the homes we are staying at the week in Wroclaw.

Written by Katý and Petra