Thuesday 14th of March

In the morning, mixed groups of Polish and Icelandic teenagers were working on the project tasks. Then the Polish participants had another mindfulness workshop. All of us loved it. We learned that we can control our body and because of that, we can change the perspective of our mind and thoughts, because everything in our body is connected. We also did some exercises that made us aware of the present moment and some team dance that can help us get rid of niggling thoughts.

Then we visited a local artists’ new workshop place where we could see how they are making candles and paper cards. The print on the card symbolises how a creative idea is being spread by women across the world.  The female part of us really fell in love with that. The artists – two nice and very welcoming women, Gingó and Eyrún, presented to us their work and gifted us with  a volcano-shaped candle  and a small painting.

After lunch, we went to a fisherman’s boat to see how people that catch fish work. We have seen places where fishermen sleep, eat and work.

Then we visited the oldest building in Höfn. It’s story was very interesting because it has been moved three times. Inside, a women who works in the National Park told us the history and some facts about the glaciers and the island. We also watched two films about the volcano eruption and the national park Vatnajökulsþjóðgarður.

After the visit, we had a trip on the pilot boat. The passage was amazing even though the wind was very strong and it was freezing. The waves were huge and we had an incredible view on the mountains all around us. We had a lot of fun and we were even dancing on the boat.

Then we had free time and a few of us went to the swimming pool. We really had a great time.

Written by Antonina Bieganowska and Fryderyka