21st of October

Today we had a really long journey ahead of us, going from Polland and all the way back to our town in Iceland. The journey began at 6am in Wroclaw and from there we had to travel in a bus  for 5 hours to Berlin. So we got to Berlin at 11am and from there we had to wait for the flight back to Keflavík wich took us about 3 hours.

Everybody was very tired when we got to the bus at the airport in Keflavík. The last part of our journey lasted 7  hours back to Höfn, with a stop at Subway in Selfoss. Some of us tried to sleep in the bus bu.

So it’s been a really grate experiense staying in Poland, meeting new people and getting to know the culture and we think we are speeking for everyone when we say that we had a awesome time in Poland.

Until next time bye bye  😉

Written by Ágúst Máni and Ísar Svan