19th of October

We showed up at school at 7:45 am in the morning and paired up in groups of 4. We made posters that were supposed to describe the health program.

Around 10am we went to the tramp stop outside of the Sky tower and took a tramp to a bus stop, and from the bus stop we took a bus to a Bielany Wrocławskie which is a town outside of Wrocław. In this town we went to a workshop, at the workshop we were separated into two groups; one group was learning a dance to the song “Can’t stop the feeling” by Justin Timberlake while the other group was cooking some delicious 3 dishes meals. After some time we switched roles.

After those activities we got free time and were allowed to do whatever we wanted, some of us went shopping while others went to a trampoline park or did other things.

Written by Adisa and Hildur