Zuzanna Paryż

zuzanna-paryzHi everyone, my name is Sue Paryż. I’m 16.

I live with my parents and my litte dog. My mother’s name is Monica and my father’s Jacek. I’m an only child.

This high school is new of me, because I’m in 1st class, but I’m enjoying being  here. I think I will go to California, because in the future I want to have more options in the job market and I LOVE SURFING.

I love going to the theatre and opera too. I adore every kind of sports and I’m interested in  fashion so I spend lot of time in shopping malls. I can do kiteboarding, snowboarding and longboarding. I have a blog on fb about restaurants in Wrocław. I’m a very ambitious girl, a  little lazy and funny. My  aim is to be vital, so I cook healthy meals all the time hence I’m in this project.

I hope that we will be fun!