Þórdís Gunnarsdóttir

Þórdís GunnarsdóttirMy name is Þórdís Gunnarsdóttir and I am 20 years old (born in 1996).  I have lived in Höfn most of my life, but I did live in Norway for two years, so I speak fluent Norwegian. I have also lived in Keflavík, but three years ago I moved back to Höfn. I have three siblings. My mother, Herborg, and my oldest sister, Elín, still live in Norway. My brother Gísli lives in Sweden with his family and my dad, Gunnar, along with my youngest sister, Birta, live here in Höfn with me. I have one cat, his name is Óðinn.

My main hobby is going horseback riding. I own seven Icelandic horses, they are all geldings, I don’t have any mares. For now it’s just a hobby, but I am hoping that it will turn into a career one day. I am not interested in competing, although I am planning on going to a small competition on one of my horses next February, but that’s only for fun. I am mostly interested in training horses and maybe one day I would start breeding horses.  So I could probably take the person that is staying at my house to go horseback riding if the person is interested in that.

I used to live on a farm, so I do enjoy spending time on the countryside, especially with animals. My other hobbies are spending time with my friends and family, going to the gym and travelling. My dream is to travel to the United States and Asia.

I’m graduating next spring, and I am not planning to go back to school the following year. I’ll probably work and save up some money, and then I hope that I am able to travel, or maybe volunteer in Africa or in another exotic country.