Sólveig Ýr Jónsdóttir

solveigHello my name is Sólveig and I live in Höfn I am 17 years old.

My family: I have three brothers and three sisters; they are of ages four to twenty two. Three of them (Halldóra, Hilmar and Þorgerður) belong to my father his name is Jón and his wife´s name is Ingibjörg they also have a dog names Lotta. My father´s family is big, he has three siblings and two of them live in Höfn with their own families.

My mother´s name is Kolbrún and she had three kids (Alexandra, Alex and Aron) before me and we have two cats (Hekla and Glói). I live with my mother and two of my siblings the two oldest. My mother´s sister lives in Höfn also and the rest of her siblings live all over Iceland.

I don´t really have a hobby but there are a lot of things to do in Höfn, I like my classes and I like a lot of music.  One of my favourite singers is Ed Sheeran and I also like Taylor Swift.

I don´t think of myself as a shy person but I can be when I´m meeting a lot of new people but that is my opinion of myself. I don´t know what others might think. Here are a few of my fears, I really don´t like things that crawl or are slimy and I am afraid of heights.