Sóley Þrastardóttir

soleyMy name is Sóley Þrastardóttir and I am 18 years old. I‘m a student at FAS and planning to graduate spring 2016. I have only been here one semester. I come from Keflavík (where the international airport is) I moved to Höfn in January and I really like the place. I live with my boyfriend and his family. Lára (his mother) works in Höfn doing paperwork, Óli (his father) works on machines, Halldór (his brother) he is a part of the team which takes all of the garbage in the area. Agnar (my boyfriend) takes care of the sheep and trains our dogs.
We have sheep (150), dogs (8), calves (3) and horses (3). I like to be out side, horse riding, fishing in our little lake and taking care of my calves and horses. I used to do judo (sport) in Keflavík, since you can’t practice judo here I have been doing other things. But I’m planning to go summer 2016 and practice again in Keflavík. I work on a farm next to ours, doing laundry, cleaning rooms, making breakfast and serve customers in the reception. Last winter I worked milking cows which I liked. I want to travel before choosing what I want to learn at university.

I’m really excited for this program and I’m looking forward meeting all of the participants and having fun with you, learning about your country, habits and food. Also showing you our country.