Natalia Kiełbik

Natalia_KiełbikMy name is Natalia Kiełbik and I’m 17. I live in Wrocław all my life and now I’m In High School number 7 in Wrocław.  My passion is ballroom dance. I love it so much. While I’m dancing I feel so confident and free.

I’m crazy about healthy life style. I can spend many hours on gym. During my free time at home I love listening to music especial Polish musicians like Dawid Podsiadło, Brodka and many others. I keen on cooking, baking  and watch interesting films. My favourite films are Pride and Prejudice ,One day  and About Time.

My main hobby is travelling. During summer holidays I always go somewhere with my family. We went to Mexico or Indonesia and many others places in the world. But during the winter holidays I always go skiing to Alps 😀

So I think it’s all about me.