Michalina Wrońska


My name is Michalina Wrońska and this year I’m going to turn 18. I live in Wrocław- one of the biggest city in Poland with my parents, older brother Filip, who is 20 and our labrador dog called Gudzia.

I go to the second class in high school no7, here in Wrocław, and I’m on a biology-chemistry profile. In the future I’m thinking about becoming a dietitian or learn some uncommon languages to be a translator.

I’m really into sports like voleyball or tennis. My family is also very keen on a sporty and healthy lifestyle. My dad plays badminton 5 times a week, my brother is a football player, and my mum is an amateur runner. In the immediate future, she wants to run in half marathone. My biggest passion in live is undeniably dancing. I started when I was 7 years old and since then I can’t think of another single thing that I enjoy more. Unfortunately, this year I had to give up classes because of the school, but I hope to continue them next year. Also I’m an amateur singer but I have never had enough time to think about it more seriously. My latest hobby is makeup.

I think of myself as a very open, friendly and chatty person. I love to experience new cultures and places. That’s why I decided to participate in that exchange. I was excited even more to hear, that we are going to Iceland. The Nordic countries are close to me as my grandad lives in Sweden. I admire all the culture, people and climate there (even though sunny days are very rare). In my opinion, travelling is the best way to get life experience. You can also get to know yourself.

I can’t wait to see you all in Iceland 🙂