Marysia Szczygieł

marysia_SzczygielHi, my name is Marysia Szczygieł and I’m 16 years old. I go to high school nr VII and I’m on the first year. My profile includes extended mathematics, biology and chemistry with additional language – Latin. I very fond of these subject and I’m thinking about studying medicine in the future. Learning languages also gives me a lot of pleasure, especially English. I also learn German and I’ve started learning Latin this year. I’d love to learn one another language – Spanish or Italian – because I am in love with these countries.

I have a younger sister. She’s name is Zosia and she’s 11. Our family lives in a nice terraced house with a small garden, which my mom loves to care for. She’s a chemistry teacher by trade, but she also fancies most things that are connected with art. Actually is share this interest with her. My father is a doctor, but he works in a company testing some new medicines. He has similar likings to me. I think that we are a caring and cheerful family.

My main hobbies are drawing, reading books, listening to music, travelling, sport and fashion. I also enjoy spending free time with my closest friends and I love walking long hours without an aim for example in a park or the Market Square. I usually draw just with a pencil, I love sketching people, sometimes nature. I also design the interiors and clothes from time to time. The truth is that my drawings are really precious to me and I rarely show them to others, because it’s so private to me, but everything depends on what I’m drawing at the given moment.

My favourite kinds of books are criminals, fantasy and detective books. I listen to many different types of music and I’m pretty open to get know more great singers. My favourite band are: Arctic Monkeys, U2, The Beatles, Queen, Guns’n’Roses and some of the Polish ones. I love travelling, no matter where, I’d just love to see as much world as I can during my life, get to know and experience other cultures and climates. It makes us wiser and more understanding. I’ve been to Spain, Greece, Turkey, German, The Czech Republic and Great Britain and I can’t wait to visit you in Iceland. Amidst sports I appreciate the most playing basketball, jogging, swimming and exercising (gym). I also planning to enrol for a dancing course. And at the end – fashion. I’m very keen on shopping and scrolling through fashion blogs/pages/online shops. Planning what to wear and matching my clothes to create the best looking outfits gives me a lot of fun, but it’s not like I’m doing it all the way and am kind of a maniac. I just enjoy doing all these activities, especially just looking at the clothes or trying them on and not buying it 😉

At the beginning I can be quite shy and not so talkative, but as you get to know me better I’ll become more open and fun-loving girl. I can do anything as long as the atmosphere and company is good. I’m happy to meet and hang out with all of you 🙂