Magdalena Szmitka

magdalena-szmitkaAge: 17


  • writing novels, tales and fan fiction
  • reading books
  • running
  • ancient history and Dark Ages

What do I want to do in the future?

Hm… I still don’t know. However I’m sure I will be a writer one day so maybe it is my fate.

What am I doing during my free time?

I usually go to the library or somewhere where nobody can find me. Then I read and write stories. Of course I also study a lot, mainly biology, history and chemistry.

Something about me:

I live with my parents, brother (16) and sister (5) 40 km from Wrocław, in Strzelin.

My favourite color is dark red.

In my opinion the best series ever is My little pony. Interesting is that in the past I used to hate it.

I would like to learn few languages like: russian, chech, norwegian and spanish. My second dream is a journey to Iceland, Siberian and other places, maybe whole world.

I love polish writers like Ziemiański, Gołębiewski, Fabicka and the others. From other countries I like C. Clare, T. Canavan, M. Young, J. Green… it is too long to write it now. I am also a big fan of Pandora Hearts, Tokyo Ghoul and other mangas.

I’m looking forward to meet you!