Magda Wiktorowska

Magda_WiktorowskaMy name is Magda, I’m almost 17 ( I’m in the second class of the high school).  I have got many hobbies. One of theme is sport. I trained judo and now I sail, train windsurfing during summer, do zumba and train belly dance (in Shakira style).

I’m a volunteer too. I started working in the voluntary service when I was 12. I have so many another interests. I love reading books, especially fantasy. Sometimes I like inventing my own stories. When I was younger I liked acting. I loved our drama club in the primary school. Now my drama interest is set in series. I love “Game of Thrones”, “Reign”, “The Borgias” and many other. But I think it is mostly connected with my another passion – history.

I have younger brother. His name is Michał and he’s 14. And I have two cats:  Tekla and Stefania.  I love animals, but I am a bit afraid of dogs.  And I think that it is all about me ;-).