Kristján Ebenezarson

10305049_10153038600335476_4847536026033322299_nMy name is Kristján Ebenezarson and I am the PE teacher in Framhaldsskólinn í Austur-Skaftafellssýslu (FAS). I have only been teaching for one year but I have been coaching basketball for few years now in Höfn.

I was born in Vestmannaeyjar, which is a small volcanic island on the south coast of Iceland. I have two siblings one older brother and one younger sister. When I finished primary school in my hometown I went to the capital and studied sports in collages. I decided to take a brake from school before going to university. In the brake I went to Denmark and attended folk high school at Gerlev that focused on sports. After my brake I went to the university of Iceland and studied sports science, my dream was to become a sport psychologist and therefore I studied for two years in Lund, Sweden.

My main hobbies are all kind of sports, but I participate in basketball, volleyball and during the summer I play golf.