Katrín María Sigurðardóttir

katyHello, my name is Katý and I am 18 years old (born in 1997). I live in Höfn with my mother Anna, my father Siggi and my 20-year-old brother Kiddi. I study in FAS which is an upper secondary school in my town. In school I study sociology.

In the future I see myself working somewhere over seas either as a psychologist or with animals.

I love to travel and explore other countries and their cultures, I have a lot of interest in animals and my family owns two dogs and two dwarf hamsters. I don’t have a lot of hobbies but I go to the gym a few times a week, I have also been really active in the social life both in school and outside of it, if it would be considered a hobby then hanging out with my friends and having fun would be my hobby.

I can’t wait to meet everybody and looking forward to getting to know all of you.