Katarzyna Markowicz

Kasia_MarkowiczMy name’s Katarzyna Markowicz, 17 years old. I’m a student in second class of 7th High School in Wroclaw, on biology-chemistry profile to become a doctor in the future.

I live with my parents and younger sister (11 yrs old), little dog and two gerbils in a one-family house in a calm district of Wroclaw.
I couldn’t believe, when I heard about the topic of Erasmus+ project and the place of the exchange.  Since I remember my family has been somehow connected to sport and healthy lifestyle and so am I, as well as an adventure- and travel-lover.

My dad, Grzegorz, is a doctor but also an amateur sportsman. He started his adventure with running couple times a week to prepare for marathon in a distant future. Now he is after one of the hardest sport competitions ever – full Ironman, which is 4km swimming, 180 km cycling and 42 km running.
My mother, Edyta, is a huge fan of healthy kitchen, that’s why I can always count on something nourishing and delicious after coming back home from school. 😉 Different kinds of diets are no longer any mystery for her, she seems to know everything about balanced eating and can easily prepare dishes from different cuisines all over the world as we like to discover and experiment with new things. I adore Italian food most of all 😉

My younger sister, Margharet, is in a sports school, training basketball. She is young, but promising and persistent in her plans of becoming a world-famous NBA player 😉

And here’s me. I tried different sports in my life finally ending up as a lover of simple running. I train 4-5 times a week and not long ago took part in a competition for 10 km (finishing with satisfying result). I had several attempts to (so-called) jogging but finally discovered it as a source of daily endorphins, gorgeous satisfaction and keeping myself fit, in shape and healthy.

I am also a bit of a freak when it comes to healthy eating and I adore cooking on my own, searching for the best recipes and ingredients. But I find it even more important to provide something nourishing also to my soul and mind. My fascination of Asian cultures lead myself into daily yoga practice and meditation, now under the title of mindfulness. I think it is pretty obvious now why I claimed the project is something I am excited about. 😉

I am also interested in photography and travelling, especially to Asia. I have been learning to play piano for 6 years and a bit of guitar on my own. I listen to almost every type of music, don’t have my famous artists. I like Hollywood film productions, “Game of Thrones” and action/thriller books. 😉
I can’t wait to meet new people and discover new places, cultures, interests… I hope it will be a great fun for everyone.

With best wishes