Karolina Włudyka

Karolina_ WludykaHello,

My name is Karolina. I’m 16 years old and I live in a small village near Wrocław. My house is quite big so it’s not a problem for me to host two people. I haven’t got any brother or sister but I have two dogs. I love taking them for long walks. My mum is an accountant and my dad is a manager.

In my free time I ride a bike, read books and watch films. Especially I like horrors. Relaxation is the thing that I like the most. I’ve also got a band with my best friend and we’re writing our own songs for fun. My favorite sport is football but I don’t play it well. My favorite subjects in school are Math, Physic and Chemistry.

I eat everything except tomatoes which I hate and I rather eat meat than vegetables or fruits. Especially I like Italian food.

What you should know about me is that I’m usually quite shy at first when I meet someone new, but after some time I’m really open and I like to have a lot of fun. I think that I’m quite nice and I can get along with almost everyone. I’m not really a “party kind” and I prefer to be in a small that in a huge group.

I want to take part in exchange because I want to meet new people, improve my  English and have a lot of fun. I expect that I will spend great time with nice people.