Karolina Ilnicka

ilnicka_karolinaHi! I’m Karolina! At the beginning maybe some basic information. I’m 16 years old and live in Bielany Wrocławskie, a village located near Wrocław. I live with my parents and younger brother who is 9 years old. I have a cat and I love cats so much they are the best animals in the world. This year I have started high school so I’m a freshman here. In the future I want to study medicine so my favourite subjects are biology and chemistry of course. I also like English, I love this language.

I want to meet a lot of people and this project gives me this opportunity and I’m very happy because of it. I think I can say I’m extroverted, outgoing, positive and happy person. Actually I don’t have any hobby but I love music and I listen to it like every time and it gives me a lot of energy. I also like reading books, my favourite is Harry Potter. I also like watching series like Dr House or Criminal Minds and generally films. I visit cinema very often. I love trying new things, especially food, because I love eating and sleeping too. I’m kind of couch potato person. But it doesn’t mean that I don’t like meeting with other people because I love it. I like going out in free time and talk with others and spend good time. It means that I don’t play any sport.  I also love travelling and gain experience. I can’t wait to see you! I hope we will spend wonderful time together!