Jagoda Marszałek- Kuźniar

Jagoda_marszalek_kuzniarHello, my name is Jagoda and I’m 16 years old. I’m a very shy person and… I’ve been living in Wroclaw since I remember.

My family consists of my parents, my little brother, Gutek and me. My mother, Kasia, is a press’ spokeswoman and my father is an architect. I’ve got a dog, Blue. He is a sheltie and he is very cute and calm. I’m a student of the first year of secondary school. After I finish school I want take a year-off and travel around the world. I like meeting new cultures and explore new countries. I hope that in the future I will go to Australia.This is the biggest dream I’ve ever had.

I like reading detective stories. This is my favourite kind of books. I like reading novels which are written by scandinavian authors. In my spare time I like watching TV series.

My hobby includes some sport as well. My favourite ones are jogging and baseball. I’m not a good player though. I can’t wait to see you all.

See you around.