Íris Björk Rabanes

irisHello, my name is Íris Björk and I am 18 years old. I am from the Philippines and Iceland.
I live in Höfn with my family and I am also in the school FAS. I am the oldest sibling and have three younger sisters, the names and ages of my sisters are Anna María, she is 12 years old, Hafdís, 10 years old and Ísold 6 years old. My mom’s name is Elínborg and my stepfather’s name is Andrés.

I have two pets, they are cats and a part of the family. My hobby is watching horror movies, hanging out with my friends; listen to good music like Drake, Lana Del Rey and Frank Ocean… I also like to be with my family and play volleyball with friends and shopping. My favorite color is baby blue because it is so beautiful color. My favorite food is sushi and noodles from a restaurant called Rikky Chan.

I am shy person at first but when I get to know someone I would not be shy anymore. My future plans are finishing school here in Höfn and maybe work one year to safe some money for university if I know what I am going to study if I don’t know what to study, I would like to travel the world.