Hafdís Lára Sigurðardóttir

hafdislaraHi, my name is Hafdís Lára. I ‘m turning 18 years old in December. I‘m an only child and I live with my parents. My mom is a teacher at my school, FAS. My father works at a nursing home. We have a dog, called Táta. I am hopefully graduating next semester but I have no idea what I ‘m going to do after the graduation.

My hobbies include volleyball, music and travelling. That’s why I like to take every opportunity I get to visit other countries. I ‘ve travelled a lot abroad with my parents but also here in Iceland. I like learning new languages and learning about different cultures. Last year I went to Germany for a month to learn German and to live with a host family for two weeks. It was one of the best experiences in my life! I met a lot of people from different countries and continents. It’s really nice to have friends all over the world, and it kind of gives you a reason to travel even more.