Laura Piśniakowska

laura-pisniakowskaHi, my name is Laura. I’m 17. I was born in Görlitz, Germany. After 2 years my family moved to small city Kąty Wrocławskie. Now I live in Wrocław, because of school.

My family isn’t big. My parents are economists. I’ve got younger sister. She’s 14. We live in a house with small dog and ginger cat. I love taking care of animals, so that’s why I’m going to buy hedgehog in the future.

In my free time I enjoy watching popular movies, listening to music and chilling with my friends.

My hobbies are science, roller derby and traveling. I’ve spent 2 months in England and I loved that. I used to play tennis when I was younger. After finishing LO VII I’m going to take a year off to travel and volunteer. I want to study medicine or something connected with biology. My dream is to become a famous scientist.

Exploring foreign countries is great experience. That’s the reason I’m interested in this exchange. At first I may seem shy, but the true is that I really enjoy meeting new people.