Fryderyka Orawczak

fryderyka-orawczakMy name is Fryderyka Orawczak. I’m 16 years old. I’m in my first year of high school. I’m in Biology- Chemistry- Math class. I like this 3 subjects the most and I want to be a doctor in the future. I don’t know exactly which specialization I will choose but I’m thinking about plastic surgery, dermatology or paediatrics.

In my family there are 4 people: my parents, younger brother and me. My mum’s name is Marzena and my dad’s Mariusz. My brother Kornel is 11 years old. We have a large cat named Gilbert, he’s a British.

I’m very talkative, outgoing and patient person. My friends are asking me how I do it, that I’m doing so many things after school yet I have a lot of free time 🙂 When You’ll know me better you’ll see that I’m crazy in a good way. I can’t stand boredom.

I’m interested in art. I like painting, drawing and pottery. I love theater, films and books. I’m keen on acting and reciting poems. I like sports mainly swimming, skiing, volleyball, horse riding and fitness. Last year I became interested in photography. I had an exhibition on Market Square. I like meeting new people especially from different countries because I can get to know new culture and traditions. I’ve been doing a project with people from Iran for a year. I become more confident and open. It was an amazing experience. That’s why I decided to take part in this project.

I can’t wait to meet You 🙂