Basia Budzikowska


My name is Basia and I am a 17 years old student of the 7th High School in Wrocław. Although I attend school in Wrocław I live in Jelenia Góra, which is a kind of a mountain town, 100 km away.

I’m rather easy-going, enthusiastic and outspoken person, but I also usually have my head in the clouds. In the future I want to be a cardio surgeon, that’s why at school I have a billion lessons like biology and chemistry. As far as my hobbies are concerned, I love doing many things such as skiing, swimming, sailing, reading books (especially romantic or criminal ones) watching films (I’m a huge fun of Harry Potter movies and The Lord of the Rings) and listening to music (my favorite bands are Bon Jovi, Guns n Roses and AC/DC).

But those hobbies are rather unremarkable. Something special about me is the fact that I love collecting memories. That’s why I enjoy travelling so much. Every journey means meeting new people, discovering new places and gaining new experiences. Last year (I mean 2015) was very special for me, because two of my biggest dreams became true. First of all, I was on AC/DC concert in Warsaw, which was one of the most unforgettable memories ever. And second of all, I took part in a cruise on a huge sailing ship swimming through Mediterranean Sea. I visited so many places and spent great time with my friends who, by the way, always make my adventures much more memorable. This year won’t be less exciting. One of the reasons is visiting your country. I hope that soon you’ll become a part of my brand new memories.

See you soon, Basia.