Anna Soffía Ingólfsdóttir

Anna Soffía IngólfsdóttirHello, my name is Anna Soffía and I’m turning 19 in October. I live here in Höfn at the moment while I´m finishing school but after I graduate I plan on travelling and doing volunteer jobs all over the world before I go to university. I spent last year as an AFS exchange student in Kansas, USA witch was an amazing experience. I loved living abroad so that’s why I’ve decided I want to do more of that. Living in USA was a great beginning. That is also why I chose to do this program. I love getting to know other people and different cultures. I am very open to cultural differences.

I study playing the saxophone at the music school here in Höfn. I take personal lessons with a teacher there and I also play in the school’s band. I love both playing music and listening to it. I also like being outdoors. I have four horses and taking care of them is my passion, I feel so free when I ride.

I live with my mom, Birna and my brother Ingvi who is 24 years old. I also have a sister, Jóhanna who is 29 years old and she lives one house away from us with her husband, Sindri and their three kids, Karen, who is 9, Hlynur who is 6 and Örvar, who is 1 years old. We are all very close and I try to spend as much time with them and my friends as I can.