Aleksandra Cygnarowicz

Aleksandra CygnarowiczMy name is Ola and I am a seventeen year old student of the 2nd class of secondary school No. VII in Wroclaw.  It was always my dream to visit as many parts of the world as possible. As a person full of energy and enthusiasm to explore the whole world, open to new experiences I’m taking de-termined efforts to develop my passions. I take an active part in many projects in order to fulfill my dreams. My determination enabled me to see Corsica, Sardinia and the central part of Italy in 2015. Passion for traveling is closely bound up with the disposition to learn new things. I think that a conversation with the right person can teach me something new and valuable. And that’s exactly why I really like to talk to different people.

My free time I usually spend active my favorite sports are volleyball, swimming and cycling. As far as interests are concerned, it’s hard to describe their multiplicity. Starting with reading books, through listening to music or drawing, ending with science for instance biology and chemistry. Of course I love spending time with my friends, thanks to whom adventures I experience become even more memorable. To sum it up I am a broad-minded person willing to learn some titbits about other cultures.

I decided to seize the opportunity of school exchange not only for self-development and to widen my horizons, but also to have fun. I hope that this adventure will be an amazing experience that will stick in my mind for a lifetime.