Aleksandra Chwalińska


I’m Ola Chwalinska and I’m 16. I live in a small village next to Wroclaw with my family – parents and younger brother. I also have an older sister but she doesn’t live with us.

What about me? I’m totally mad about music – I love rock and metal! I like spending time with my friends and dog too. He’s quite big (that’s golden retriever) so I hope you like pets and it won’t be any problem for you.
I’m interested in photography as well – in my free time I usually meet with my best friend and we take lots of photos.

Oh, I haven’t written before I’m diabetic – since 2004. But for me that’s not a problem – I just don’t remember what was before my disease so that’s very natural.  I’m vegetarian (but I’m not studying a law – yeah, I have very bad sense of humour) but the rest of my family eats meat.

About my family… What can I write? My parent’s don’t speak English but they’re really lovely and understanding. My younger brother is a football player and during your visit in Poland he is going to take part in a big tournament in Spain.

My older sister may visit us during your visit – but don’t worry, she’s nice.

I’m delighted you’re coming!