Diana Derzko


My name is Diana and I’m 17 years old. Actually I’m from Ukraine, but I’ve lived in Poland for more than 10 years, but it’s not hard to say for me that I’m more Ukrainian.  🙂

I have got a lot of interests and I tried a lot of things in my life such as skating, riding or playing in the theater. I love acting and when I was younger I wanted to become an actress 😉 Now I do not have any extra lessons, because I want to go to the university and become a doctor. I hope one day it’s come true, that’s why I have to study very hard. But it doesn’t mean that I do not have free time 😉 I love spend time with my friends, go to the cinema with them, drink coffee in the cafe or just meet and talk for hours, because I’m really an outgoing person. Also I like reading! I have a lot of books at home, that I want to read, unfortunatly I don’t have as much time to read them all, but I’m trying 🙂

What else? I love traveling, that also why I’m taking part in this project. I have already been to England, France, Italy, German and other countries, but I’ve never been to Iceland and I want to go there 🙂 The best place I’ve ever been was Corsica. I liked it very much! There’s both sea and mountains and those make beautiful views, just amazing. And it’s good place to take incredible photos, what I also like doing when I have time.

I don’t really know what to write more, I just want to meet You and talk in real life, because it’s the best way to get know a new person, so bye and see you soon 🙂