Kacper Opiela

kacper_opielaHi, halló, cześć , my name is Kacper Opiela. I‘m 16 and I live in the small city near Wrocław.  I live with my parents and little sister. My father is a businessman but mother works at a common room.

I have just started  my first year in high school. I‘m in the humanistic class and I love history and geography. I play the saxophone, violin, drums and guitar.  I love skateboards and during winter snowboard, making movies on youtube and for my friends.  But my biggest passion is traveling and meeting new people, I love it. From time to time I play football with my friends and I am also running. My favourite kind of music is alternative rock and books reportage.

I have always been intrigued by Iceland. It is awesome that in yours whole country is less people than in Wrocław. Wen I look at the pictures from the Iceland I can not believe that it is true. So I hope that we will find a common language and and spend a nice time . See you 🙂