4th of April

This day we started a little bit earlier because at 8 o’clock (in Poland it was 10) so we had to wake up at 7 am.

We had the opportunity of getting a closer look at how Islandic school works. FAS is in many ways different from our school in Wrocław. During the sightseeing we met the Headmaster Eyjólfur and had little chat with him. We participated in a Danish lesson and talk a little bit with FAS students, which was awesome experience.

We went to Hornhúsið, a very cosy place where we had our mindfulness lesson. If you think that breathing is something obvious you are wrong! We were learning how to breath mindfully and be right in the present moment. Also the instructor gave us some tips how to behave to be a mindful person. To be honest nobody is perfect and some of the people turned off mode and almost fell asleep.

For the lunch our partners took us for famous Hafnarbúðin fast food, which tasted amazing! Some of us ordered an incredible lobster sandwich. Later we came back to school and watched video which our Icelandic friends made. The name of this clip was: “Get help” and it was about depression. Sound like it was nothing special but for some of us the idea of the video was a little bit controversial so that is why we had very expressive discussions.

Most of us spent the afternoon at the outdoor swimming pool. We played ball, relaxed in the Jacuzzi and discovered the kids in us and had fun on the slide. After that we were burned some calories and walked around Höfn and admired the landscape. After the walk we went to school and ate a huge meal, but not a typical one. Our Icelandic partners prepared for us traditional food festival. It was great to try for example sheep head, banana bread, meat soup, and skyr. Some meals and products are different from the food we have in Poland.

The day was full of attractions so that is why nobody had problems with falling asleep 😉

Marta Nowak and Paulina Kostrzewa