1st of April

The way to Höfn started at 8 am in the Downtown hostel in Reykjavík. At first we visited the ON power plant at Hellisheiði. There we found out how to use geothermal power of Iceland to heat houses and produce electricity. He also explained how Iceland is geologically divided on two tectonic plates; the North America plate and the Eurasian plate.

In the town Hveragerði we visited a greenhouse. We saw how the grow flowers for the summer. The owners are very nice people and welcomed us with fresh bread rolls and rúgbrauð which is a traditional Icelandic bread which is baked in the ground in geothermal areas.

After we left the greenhouse we went to the shopping center in Hveragerði. In the building you can experience an earth quake that happened in the year 2008. We could also see how an earth quake affects buildings and houses.

The next stop on our way was the great waterfall Skógafoss. It was amazing experience and we took a lot of pictures. We also went up a stair to see the waterfall from above.

The weather was mostly nice all the time (despite a few hours of rain and VERY strong wind). After 11 hours (eleven hours in a small bus…) of traveling, we finally arrived in Höfn and met with our partners. It was a good day and we are ready to discover Iceland.

Written by Christopher Oparski and Kamil Walczak