News from LO nr VII

Part of the Polish group

It has been a while since the last news was written. It doesn’t means that the participants in the project are not working. Last week we got a short report about the work in LO nr VII:

“We’ve been all having a busy time but the effects are great. Most of us have been doing lots of research on healthy and nutritious eating habits. Our major concern was the food which can help us boost concentration and fight school stress. In our project teams we have been making power point and prezi presentations as well as films. It ‘s been great fun.

Also, we been dealing with relaxation techniques to reduce school stress and muscle tension. We are getting ready for new challenges especially a mindfulness workshop. We have already a lot of knowledge but we are waiting for the classes with a professional with bated breath.

Our biggest incentive to work hard and obtain worthy results is the meeting in Iceland in April . We can’t wait to meet our friends, discuss and share our findings,  get to know their culture and see amazing sights”.