3rd of November

Today we went to school and meet two new teachers that were going to teach us Polish National dance. In Poland there are five national dances and the taught us one that is called Polonez. The dance was very fun and interesting to learn. After the dancing we did some relaxing exercises to calm us down and to get us ready for the day.

After the relaxing exercises we visited the University, there were many floors and inside were many beautiful paintings. We went high up and saw over Wroclaw. Our guide took us to a room where there was a piano and he did play some songs for us on it. We also went to the music hall were there was a big organ and a piano and the guide played some more songs for us. It was very beautiful and interesting to hear. There was also a museum in the University where we saw many interesting things, like paintings and clothes that belong to the University.

After our trip to the University we had lunch at Pierogarnia Stary Mlyn and we had many kinds of dumplings which is a polish dish.

After the lunch, Bozena took the Icelandic students on a city sightseeing around the Old Town in Wroclaw. We did see many churches and old buildings that were very beautiful. We visited some gardens, the old jail, and one of the many bridges that are here in Wroclaw. On this bridge many people had hang locks in it as a sign about their love with their partner. We also visited Cathedral Island where the Cathedral of Wroclaw is, inside of it was very beautiful and there were some people that were praying. After the sightseeing tour some of the students went on a coffee house, some went shopping and others just went home.

Greetings, Inga and Mirza