2nd of November

The bus came and picked us up at 00:50. We drove for almost four hours and then we came to Wrocław. Lilja had lost her suitcase at the airport so she was really sad. When we came to Wrocław we met our partners and we went to sleep. At ten in the morning we went to the school and did our presentations. They went really well. We gave the polish kids some Icelandic candy and shark. They did not like the shark. After the presentations we went to Sky Tower. It’s a tower with 50 floors and we went to the top and we could see all over the city. Then we ate lunch at some restaurant in the Sky centre.

After lunch we went to the city council and watched a presentation from the representative from the city council about past and future events the city has held and what they are doing with other countries. We got some notebooks from them and after the presentation we got free time with our polish buddy.

Written by Lilja Karen and Sólveig Ýr