„Your Health is Your Wealth“ on a pin board in Bonn

The Icelandic participants in Bonn at the pin board from FAS.

Earlier this winter the coordinator of the project „Your Health is Your Wealth“ was invited to participate in a programme in Bonn in Germany 17th – 19th of May: „Best practice results from Erasmus+”  – A conference on Dissemination and Impact in the School Sector.
Around 220 people from 31 countries met in Bonn and discussed the benefits of Eramsmus + programmes. In addition, how it is possible to simplify and improve the settings around projects, especially the application form and the final report. There were also some presentations and lectures about educational matters. Jim McLucas’s lecture on the importance of parent’s participation in their children’s education was very interesting.
Forty schools introduced their projects during the conference and participants had the option of speaking to coordinators and project leaders. FAS had a pin board for the project „Your Health is Your Wealth“ and it was very pleasant to see how interested other guests were in the project.