Thursday 16th of March

Our day started at 8 o´clock in the morning with project work. All groups were focused on finishing their films connected to topics such as hobbies, physical activity etc.

At 10 o’clock we set off to the ‘’Höfn’s fishing industry’’ exhibition which was very interesting. We had an occasion to see the fishing boats used in the past and also typical rooms in which fishermen lived.

We had some extra time before lunch and many students decided to go to the Tourist Centre again and buy some souvenirs and postcards.

After lunch we met in the school again to work on our project evaluation. We were discussing what we had learned in many aspects – cultural, social, geographical, how we improved our language skills and expanded our knowledge connected to both mental and physical health. We were working in 6 groups. Then we presented the outcomes of our discussions and shared them with other students. We were able to see the diversity of cultures in the world and become more open-minded.

We finished our project work at 4 o’clock and had 4 hours for ourselves. Most Polish students decided to spend some time with their Icelandic partners. Some of them went shopping, playing or hot tub’ing.

At 8 o’clock we met back in school for a games evening that was organised by Icelandic students. We had at least 7 challenges to compete in. Some of them were really funny but some – really hard. Those 2 hours were filled with fun.

At 10 o’clock we finished our games and we were free to go. Our Polish teachers went to see the biggest fish market in the region to see how fresh fish is prepared for local restaurants.

Sadly, it was our last evening with our partners so most of us decided to spend the time with them. When we finally came home we had to pack and prepare everything for the next day.

We had a great day and wished it could last longer.

Written by Paulina