Wednesday 15th of March

We started our 5th day with a project meeting in the conference room to  discuss our next task. After a stormy debate, we decided to make films presenting our topics, which are the part of our guidebook. Each of the group started the brainstorm, then chose the best idea and turned it into a short clip. We were trying to put everything together to create something that will talk to people. Some of us went to play basketball to show their hobby, others went to take a picture of the ocean to show how communing with nature is important in our lives.

Then we spent some time at Fab Lab – a place where creative ideas are brought to reality. We talked about the importance of having a hobby, expanding knowledge about photography and see different workshop rooms where students and people from Hofn can develop their manual skills.   This place enables you to work on your ideas, bring them to life, practice creative thinking and develop yourself. We were impressed by the possibilities offered by this place. Most students began a conversation about the differences between Poland and Iceland in helping young people to develop their skills. We agreed that we need to appreciate what we have and make the most of it.

The next part of the  day was a photography exhibition. It was titled “Stories” and made by Sigurður Mar. Each picture was supposed to tell you some story. That story wasn’t told by a photographer, you need to create it by yourself. It was an interesting experience to see a picture of a woman running and we tried to come up with the reason for  her escape.

Then everyone went to the fish factory to see how people prepare fishes to sell them. It was nice to see how it all goes step by step. We had to take off our jewellery, wear a hat and protective foil. We met many Polish people, who are working there. The guide took us to a cooler (it was soooo cold there -> -26 degrees!). At the end we got a treat and we ate fruits and sweets.

After that we visited the glacier. It was a wonderful, unique view. We took a lot of photos and had great fun spending time together. Visiting the rescue team was also amazing. We were shocked that each person who is working there is a volunteer. It’s their decision to work there and sometimes to risk their own life. We saw their whole rescue equipment: helmets, clothes and radios. A shy boy being part of the rescue team made the biggest impression on us. He didn’t talk to us, but when the student asked about dramatic accidents he just told us how hard it is to see some dead people and to help others when something very serious happens. He had tears in his eyes.

At the end of the day we went to a hotel in Höfn to have a pizza party. We really enjoyed the time spent together tasting different kinds of pizza.

It was a great opportunity to get to know each other better. Tomorrow is our last day in Höfn. And we will put all efforts to make it the most memorable one!

Written by Antonina Ralko and Maria Szczygiel