Monday 13th of March

Today was the getting -to -know and also a work day. The Polish group saw the school building: classes, library, hall and the conference room. We met FAS’s headmaster and other teachers. We could see what the lessons in the school look like. We talked with some teachers about forms of teaching. It is interesting that in this school and in some other schools in Iceland, there is an opportunity to have distance learning. Lessons are different from those in Poland, sometimes in classes there are only two people.

After short sightseeing, we had an one-hour break and during it we ate some oatmeal and drank coffee. Then it was time for presentations. Polish people talked about Poland, Wrocław and the school. We also watched the film recorded during our workshops during the visit in Poland and it was so much fun to see this again and come back to these moments. We could see also films prepared by people from our project group, Icelandic and Polish, which were about healthy lifestyle, passions and happiness.

After the lunch break, we met again in the school and started to work on our project. The teachers divided us into smaller groups and we had to write a text for our booklet. Each group has different topic on which we have to work on.

The mindfulness lesson was a very important part of our day. It was different from our course in Poland but also interesting. We were doing some exercises and one of them was similar to these we had done in Poland. We also extended our knowledge about mindfulness and we are waiting for the next lesson tomorrow.

The last part of this day was a food festival. We had an opportunity to try traditional Icelandic food. It is definitely different from Polish cuisine. We spent this evening together. Today we have had a very hard-working day and we hope that the next days will be as good as this.

Written by Karolina and Weronika