20th of October

On Thursday we went to a Humanitarium and a water museum. We had to meet by the Humanitarium at 8:15, which was in my opinion way too early. The museum was in a suburb of Wrocław so we had to wake up earlier than usual. In such big cities you have to make sure you have extra time in case you get stuck in traffic.

In the Humanitarium we had to dress into special drobes and examination gloves. A man who worked there gave us a presentation about the human heart. Afterwards we were able to examine a pigs heart and cut it as much as we wanted (the smell was awful).

In the same building were a lot of games and things you could try out. They were all connected to water, wind and the Sun. That was really fun.

After that we went to the centrum of Wroscław and ate at McDonald’s. We had to eat really fast so we wouldn’t miss the trump to Hydropolis (the water museum). It was really different compared to other museums, but it was very interesting. There were also games you could play that somehow were connected to water or the sea.

Berglind was supposed to write the diary with me but she was unfortunately stuck at home with the flu.

Written by Hafdís Lára