17th of October

Today is Monday and it’s the day when we presented our country.  We started the day by watching the polish kids doing some acts such as choirs, dancing, playing instruments and some singing.
After the opening of the day we presented our country. It went fine even though some of us were a bit stressed out. After the presentain we went to the gymnasium to learn the traditional dance Polonez.  The best in our group that danced were of course Patrycja the polski girl from our class and our viking Óttar.
After the presentation and the dancing we went to the Sky tower. It was amazing, from there we could see almost every part of the city Wrocław, it was so beautiful and mezmerizing to see. After the Sky tower we all met up for bowling and got to bond some more.
Written by Chrishle, Lea Sól and Sveinn Metúsalem